Ichilampady St. George Orthodox church


Ichilampady St. George Orthodox church

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St George Orthodox Syrian Church.Ichilampady located in Ichilampady Village. It is about 8 KM away from nelyady 10 KM away from Kadaba. This church is considered and accepted by all the people here in south Canara District of Karnataka. Many People were visiting this church from morning to evening.So intercession power of St George here helped too many in wipe out in their worries. Here People are coming without cast or religion differences. So the church here considered being spiritual power source to many in their needy situations.
Ichilampady St George Orthodox Syrian Church was started in 1953 by the active initiation of families who came hailed from Kerala for the Agriculture with the leadership of Late. Rev.Fr.Thomas Vadakkedath celebrated Holy Qurbana in the bamboo shed. Later Late.Rev.Fr Zachariah who came along with Late Lamented H.G. Pathrose Mar Osthathiose took charge of this church. Later Late.Rev.Fr A Jacob who served here. During his period he was in charge of other churches here nearby and his valuable service helped in constructing a small church building and served here in the difficult situations. Several priests served in between the periods of Late.Rev.Fr Zachariah and Late.Rev.Fr A Jacob. Later Late Rev.Fr.V Mathews (Joy Achen) Served here for long 11 years and helped in the development of parish. During the period old cross tower, electrification all done initially. Later Rev.V Mathews Cor- Eppiscopa (Manikulam Achen) took charge as Vicar and served for long 18 Years.

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